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Risk in Play & Learning 

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Risk in Play and Learning declaration
The Declaration cites research from around the globe demonstrating the benefits of risk-taking and showing that indiscriminate risk-minimization policy can be a source of harm.  The Declaration calls on those who plan and manage educational environments to take the benefits of risk into account.
It further encourages parents, school officials, legislators and insurers to devise policies and processes that permit and encourage schools and early years settings to provide activities with beneficial levels of risk.

The Risk in Play and Learning Declaration (also called the Ubud-Höör Declaration) was developed at ISGA Leadership Council meetings in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and Höör, Sweden. We invite you to download a copy of the Declaration to share with your colleagues in Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. We will also have the Declaration available in additional languages later this fall.

The ISGA encourages individuals and organizations around the world to show their support for the benefits of risk in play and learning by endorsing the Declaration. Please click the link below for more information. 


For more information about the Declaration, please contact ISGA Risk Working Group Co-Chairs, Lisa Howard and Anders Wånge Kjellsson at:

“School grounds should not be as safe as possible but as safe as necessary.”

Risk in Play and Learning: Ubud-Höör Declaration,

International School Grounds Alliance


Risk-taking is essential for children's wellbeing  

While promoting risk-taking on school grounds may raise questions of liability for schools and concerns for parents it is essential for the development of healthy young people, according to a declaration released September 4, 2017 by the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA). This declaration is endorsed by all 54 of ISGA's Leadership Council members, representing 38 organizations from 16 countries and six continents.

“Since the world is full of risks, children need to learn to recognize and respond to them in order to protect themselves and to develop their own risk-assessment capabilities.”

Risk in Play and Learning: Ubud-Höör Declaration,

International School Grounds Alliance

Risk Declaration - Simplified Chinese

 Chinese - simplified            

 Czech / čeština                         


 German / Deutsch                 

Risk Declaration - traditional Chinese

 Chinese - traditional          

 Dutch / Nederlands              

 French / Français                   

 Greek / Ελληνικά                      

 Indonesian / Bahasa           

 Japanese / 日本語                   

 Portuguese / Português  

 Spanish / Español                 

 Swedish / Svenska                

 Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt  

An on-campus green space, such as a school garden, is a fundamental component of a school environment intended to include and empower students, giving them a sense of place and community.


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