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A global volunteer network of organisations working to enrich children's learning and play by promoting high quality design and every day use of school grounds.

About the International School Grounds Alliance

The International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) is a membership organization, bringing together leaders in the fields of school grounds use, design and management.  Membership is free. We invite you to join the ISGA to declare your commitment to creating and caring for these special environments that support children and young people’s learning, play and well-being. You will also be ensuring that the ecology and biodiversity of school grounds remains high on the agenda of those who influence and pay for school ground design around the world.

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ISGA conferences are an opportunity to meet and hear from leading school grounds professionals from around the world and find out more about the culture of outdoor learning and play in the host country.

In 2024, the ISGA will be hosted in Hasselt, Belgium from from 22nd - 24th April.  Find out more at the Conference website.


Why Join?

Join the ISGA as a supporter or a Leadership Council member and receive

  • Newsletter updates, including notices of new research, resources and events 

  • Invitations to ISGA conferences, webinars and online socials

  • Participation in an online forum where you can share your thoughts and activities with other professionals across the globe.


Leadership Council members shape the policy and practice of the ISGA as well as promoting the value of school grounds in their own countries. 

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