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Conference 2010: Winchester, UK

A group of children and adults listen to the Headteacher talk about learning in school grounds.  The Head is Sue Humphries and the schools is the The Coombes Primary School.  The event was an international school grounds conference in the UK in 2010.
A group of children sit on pond decking, watching an adult who is retelling the story of the Minotaur, using the pond, its bridge and decking to help bring story alive.
A group of children and adults stand on a series of concentric circles painted onto the school playground.  Each person holds a very long, straight stick and they are all pointing their sticks up towards the centre of the circular group.
A music workshop is taking place in the school grounds at the Coombes Primary School, with adults and children joining in.
A huge nest has been weaved in school grounds, using willow and hazel rods, and three adults standing next to it for scale indicate it is at least 1.5m tall and 4m wide!

The World Outside the Classroom

In Summer 2010, a year before the official founding of the International School Grounds Alliance, many of ISGA’s current Leadership Council members gathered in Winchester, England to participate in an international conference organized by Learning through Landscapes. The event was managed by ISGA co-founder, Mary Jackson.

The photographs above illustrate the talks, workshops, seminars, school visits and evening socials that conference participants enjoyed over the three day event.

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