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The International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) is a non-profit, volunteer, global network of organizations with the goal of enriching children’s learning and play through improving the way school grounds are designed and used. The ISGA aims to support all schools in making the most of the opportunities that excellent school grounds afford with the wellbeing of children and the ecological diversity of their learning landscapes being intrinsically linked. We invite like minded organizations and professionals to become ISGA members and collaborate to nurture and grow this international movement.

How we work

  • Focusing on how school grounds are utilised, designed and managed

  • Facilitating a dialogue about innovative research, design, education and policy

  • Fostering partnerships between professionals and organizations globally

  • Organizing international conference, gatherins and events 

  • Advocation for student and school community participation in the design, construction and stewardship of school grounds

  • Promoting the value of enriched school grounds as uniquely positioned, engaging environments for children

The need for change

Children's opportunities for outdoor learning and play in nature are disappearing globally, due to a variety of influences that include:

  • Cities are poorly designed for children and their natural environment

  • Over-programmed childhoods that leave children with little time for freedom

  • Powerful parental fears and increasing fear and liability

  • School grounds that are barren expanses with little to support children's play and learning


ISGA conferences, events and webinars bring together like minded individuals and organisations to discuss and experience the realities of outdoor learning and outdoor play in diverse school grounds around the world.


We hear from leading thinkers, practitioners and young people to explore the role of schoolyards in childhood, as well as what schoolyards can do for global climate and sustainability issues.

Our principles

School grounds should:

  • Provide opportunities for hands-on learning

  • Nurture students' physical, social and emotional development and wellbeing

  • Embrace their local ecological, social and cultural context

  • Embrace risk-taking as an essential component of development

  • Be open and accessible spaces to their communities

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