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Join the global movement to enrich children's learning and play through high quality outdoor spaces and places - we'd love to work with you!


The International School Grounds Alliance is a global co-operative of individuals and organisations who collaborate to promote the value of learning outdoors in school grounds.


Our Leadership Council members lead academic and on-the-ground research programmes, deliver innovative design projects, teach, write and work alongside schools and children to make the most of the unique opportunities school grounds offer.

Be an ISGA supporter

Join the conversation

Share your knowledge and expertise with like minded individuals and organisations around the globe and deepen your own understanding.  Join in at online socials, conferences and contribute to our research and information exchange.


Shape our work

Leadership Council members are key leaders in their own countries, and help develop inclusive, representative ISGA policies and programmes including lobbying for change and promoting children's right to time outdoors.

To become a supporter of the ISGA, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to find out about events and resources, and share your own work.

To apply to join the ISGA Leadership Council and play an active role in the organisation, please visit the Leadership Council Information Page.

Come to CPD + Conferences

Explore the global context

Regular ISGA conferences offer opportunities to learn from colleagues around the world, visiting schools and early years settings, hearing from leaders in education, design and sustainability and joining the debate.

To participate in the next ISGA conference, visit the Conference page.

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