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Green School Grounds for Everyone

Co-hosted by

  • Provinciaal Natuurcentrum

Photo acknowledgement: Helen Tyas Tunggal


February 2022

Stirlingshire, Scotland

Addressing the Challenges We Face and Celebrating Success

Co-hosted by Learning through Landscapes & Mindstretchers Ltd.

September 2023

São Paulo, Brasil

Natural Playspaces for Children

Co-hosted by

  • Alana

  • Crianca e Natureza

  • Sesc

Photo acknowledgement: Helen Tyas Tunggal


November 2018

Yokohama, Japan

The Value of School Grounds for Children: Learning from Towns and the World

Co-hosted by:
-  Association for Children’s Environment, Kanto Branch (ACE Kanto)
-  Association for Children’s Environment

Iijima Kindergarten Nov 2018 JM 00009 comp.jpg

September 2017

Berlin, Germany

Schoolyard Diversity

Co-hosted by:
-  Grün macht Schule
-  Freilandlabor Britz e.V. 
-  Municipality of Berlin

September 2016

Lund, Sweden

Green Grounds for Health and Learning

Co-hosted by:
-  Thinktank Movium
-  Naturskolan i Lund, Municipality of Lund

image-asset (1).jpeg
image-asset (2).jpeg

September 2015

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Inspiring School Grounds

Co-hosted by:
-  Learnscapes Planning and Design
-  R.O.L.E. Bali Foundation

September 2013

Nature School

Co-hosted by:
-  Evergreen

-  Brickworks

image-asset (3).jpeg
image-asset (4).jpeg

September 2011

Engaging Our Grounds

Co-hosted by:
-  Bay Tree Design / Green Schoolyards America
-  San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance (Education Outside)
-  Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility

June 2010

The World Outside the Classroom

Co-hosted by:
-  Learning through Landscapes

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