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The ISGA's collaborative work encompasses publications, global events, learning resources, conferences and more. Explore, below.

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To coincide with Global Outdoor Classroom Day, we celebrate a month of getting active and getting inspired outdoors - use an ISGA Activity Guide as a springboard!Our comprehensive Activity Guides - written by over 70 contributors - are now available in four languages - click here to view and download your FREE copy.

In this declaration ISGA clearly asserts the importance of risk-taking in childhood development as well as the role of parents, educators, school grounds and designers in facilitating healthy risk-taking.It also contains a cache of supporting research studies for anyone interested in researching the topic.

This declaration was endorsed by all 54 of ISGA's Leadership Council members, representing 38 organizations from 16 countries and six continents.

Available in 14 languages click here to view and download your free copy


Visit the Conferences page to explore past events and book up for the next exciting ISGA conference.

Also check out our past webinar series to watch presentations from experts, academics, and leading industry professionals for FREE here 

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ISGA's climate statement is coming soon. 

Visit the Climate page to explore resources for parents, educators, school grounds and designers here

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