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Conference 2015: Bali

Collyer Bali 01.jpeg
Collyer Bali 02.jpeg
A group of children and adults stand on a series of concentric circles painted onto the school playground.  Each person holds a very long, straight stick and they are all pointing their sticks up towards the centre of the circular group.
A music workshop is taking place in the school grounds at the Coombes Primary School, with adults and children joining in.
Collyer Bali 01.jpeg

Inspiring School Grounds

In September 2015 the ISGA convened in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia for the fourth international event in our series. The conference was directed by ISGA Leadership Council member, Helen Tyas Tunggal, and co-hosted by Learnscapes Planning and Design and the R.O.L.E. Bali Foundation. The public conference included participants from 14 countries, who were treated to a variety of outstanding presentations, cultural performances, and tours of local schools. The top photograph was taken at the ISGA Leadership Council retreat in Ubud, Bali that followed the public conference. 

The photographs above illustrate the talks, workshops, seminars, school visits and evening socials that conference participants enjoyed over the three day event.

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