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New schoolyard design guide

ISGA Leadership Council member Laura Newman launches a new guide for Maine (USA) schools

A collaboration between Learning by Nature leader Laura Newman and landscape designer Sashie Misner has resulted in a comprehensive illustrated and accessible guide to schoolyard design, aimed at Maine schools, but with clear application to any primary or elementary school. Subjects covered include

  • What Happened to Play?

  • How The outdoor space is “the Third Teacher”

  • Choosing Affordances

  • Effective Layout and Placement

  • Evaluating and Mapping your Site

  • Budgeting and Planning a Timeline

  • Construction, Maintenance & Use

  • Engaging your community in the process

There are numerous illustrations, diagrams, printable resources and case study examples and the book makes a strong case for the importance of play at school. Using a participative model means children and young people can be meaningfully involved in change at their school and the guide has sections on choosing building materials and plants and how to decide what's needed in the school grounds.

The book can be downloaded as a free PDF - visit the link below and complete the short form so that Laura and the project's funding team can keep track of how this essential guide is being distributed.

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