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New Video! "Green Grounds for Health and Learning"

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new short video entitled, Green Grounds for Health and Learning, filmed during the conference in Lund, Sweden. Why do children need Green School Grounds? In the video, seven of ISGA's Leadership Council members give their personal answer to this question and speak about why Green School Grounds—living landscapes—are important for children's play. They tell us their thoughts about how consciously designed landscapes in preschool and school environments can give children and adults the opportunity to meet each other and, with curiosity, explore life and the world. The film explains how schools can create space for plants and animals, and turn paved surfaces into sites that promote biodiversity. Green School Grounds play a crucial role in urban sustainable development, an endeavor in which we are all involved. The film was created by Movium Think Tank, SLU and Naturskolan i Lund, City of Lund in cooperation with the International School Grounds Alliance and Region Skane. Here's the link to the video to share with your colleagues: Enjoy the film!
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