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ISGA free webinar - 5th May 2021

Updated: Mar 27

ISGA 2021 Conference Preview

This month's webinar will give you a sneak preview of the upcoming ISGA 2021 Conference, with taster presentations from a selection of conference speakers and information about how you can participate - either in person or online.

Join the webinar to hear from -

  • Matt Robinson - Scotland Director, Learning through Landscapes, UK

  • Josefina Prieto - e-spiral, Santiago, Chile

  • Cedric Ryckaert - Sint-Paulusschool Kortrijk, Belguim

  • Richard Barry - Independent educational consultant/outdoor learning specialist, UK

Sign up for the webinar here.

The International School Grounds Alliance International Conference takes place in Stirling, Scotland on 23-24 September 2021. With dozens of presentations, seminars and visits, this will be one of the most accessible and diverse conferences the ISGA has ever held, returning to its founding roots of exploring the elements that go to create high quality outdoor learning and outdoor play environments.

The conference is being hosted by Learning through Landscapes in partnership with Living Classrooms and the ISGA . Delegates will be able to participate both in person in Scotland and online. For more information visit LtL's conference web page to check out all the seminars, visits and conference registration.

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