How can your school participate?

There is no right or wrong way to take part. Go out into your school grounds during the month of May and use them as you'd like. Consider taking academic lessons into your grounds, or promoting play outside, camping out in your schoolyard or inviting parents to the school to watch a play outdoors—whatever works best for your school.

Download our free Activity Guides 

The 2017 International School Grounds Month Activity Guide is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the International School Grounds Alliance and 51 other organizations from 21 countries around the world, who each contributed a school ground activity that reflects their own organization’s mission, programs and areas of expertise. Our goal is to help schools around the world bring children, ages 3-18 years old, outdoors for all types of activities during the month of May—and year-round.

Every year, we update and expand the International School Grounds Month Activity Guide. It now includes a vibrant collection of 76 exciting ideas that support learning across the curriculum, promote healthy lifestyles, and encourage play and exploration during free time, before, during and after school. Many of the activities also help children and youth connect to their neighborhood’s unique natural, geographic and cultural context, and add art and natural beauty to their school ground environments. Click on the Activity Guide image above to download your free digital copy of this publication.

The International School Grounds Month Activity Guide is part of a set! We hope you will also download and enjoy the companion Living Schoolyard Activity Guide produced in the same format by our colleagues at Green Schoolyards America. The Living Schoolyard Activity Guide includes an additional 111 activities written by 100 organizations working across the United States. 

Both publications in this set are intended to be used anywhere in the world. Together the two books offer a total of 187 outdoor activities for children and youth ages 3-18, written by 143 collaborating organizations in 21 countries!

We hope these ideas inspire you to engage in outdoor activities at your own school, wherever you live—during International School Grounds Month in May, and throughout the year.

Please share your adventures

After you have participated in International School Grounds Month in May, please share your school ground adventures with us by registering your school and telling us your story, using the form to the right. We are very interested in hearing from you!  Following the event, we will share many of the activity reports we receive by posting them on our blog and social networks. Please note that the form only accepts brief descriptions, so we ask that you also send a longer description of your schoolyard adventures to the email address listed with the form. Thank you!


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Some of the schoolyard activities in our collection are available in Chinese! Please click the book cover to the left to view the Chinese edition.

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